The easiest AI chat for customer service

Applai enables support agents and customers to utilize generative AI - based on ChatGPT - fully GDPR compliant and with its own documentation.

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Our Clients

We are proud to collaborate with leading companies to deliver the best customer support.

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New opportunities with AI in customer support

You choose which materials are used as the basis for the AI's responses.

WebsitesWe automatically find answers on your website that can be used when a question is asked.
PDFUpload your own documentation directly to our platform.
PicturesImages can be uploaded and understood by the AI. Respond to customers with illustrated explanations.
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En chatbot, som du og dine kunder kan stole på.


All data is processed and stored on our own data servers, exclusively located within the EU. Therefore, you can get a fully GDPR-compliant AI solution from Applai.


We have developed robust security measures to protect your data. By utilizing Microsoft Azure's built-in security, we employ a multi-layered strategy to safeguard data.

Content filtering

We use advanced content filtering to prevent the generation of harmful content. This means that our AI models themselves prevent users from generating illegal or harmful content with Applai Chat.


Establish your own rules that the chatbot must always adhere to, such as ensuring that it always responds in your own tone-of-voice.

Vores Resultater

Se hvordan Applai har transformeret kundesupport med imponerende resultater og tilfredshed.


A unique collaboration

"We had some requirements regarding how the chatbot should answer specific questions, how it should formulate responses, and how the chatbot should be implemented in our materials, and it worked really well to collaborate with Applai to find the right solution for us.

Using Applai Chat instead of building our own AI solution has allowed us to quickly integrate AI into our products."
Morten Blichfeldt AndersenPublishing Director, Praxis
"I highly recommend both using Applai Chat and collaborating with the Applai team. I was pleased to see that choosing to work with Applai instead of building our own costly AI solution has proven to be the right decision. At SBT, we work with innovative technology to count bacteria.

To ensure that all employees are updated about our product and how it operates in various applications, we have implemented Applai chat internally. Sales processes can now run much faster, and we free up important internal resources for other tasks."
Gustav SkandsCEO, SBT Instruments

Accessibility for all

More than 100 languages

Your customers can write and receive responses in precisely the language they prefer.

Sound on

If your customers have difficulty reading and writing, the AI can now read their texts aloud and transcribe from audio to text.

Help and guidance

A help article isn't always enough. The AI can explain your rules and guidelines in new ways for your customers.
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