Welcome to Applai

Applai makes it easier to tailor AI chatbots to your website. Founded in Copenhagen in 2023, we have dedicated ourselves to developing an AI chatbot platform as a foundation for the future of AI-driven communication and interactions.

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Contact details

Applai ApS
Address: Halmtorvet 34, 3. tv, 1700 Copenhagen V, DK
Email: contact@applai.dk
Phone: +45 2876 2298
CVR: 44041405


Meet the team behind Applai

Applai was created from a shared vision among three tech enthusiasts: Victor Skovbæk Skytte, Mathias Villads Bech Jørgensen, and Christian Reilly Vingborg, who have worked in areas such as data management and AI. Together, they aimed to use data and AI to enhance how businesses and educational institutions intelligently work with artificial intelligence.

Mathias.pngMathias Jørgensen
Christian.pngChristian Vingborg
Victor.pngVictor Skytte


With support from

We are proud to be supported by the Innovation Fund Denmark and to be part of the Innofounder program. This support underpins our commitment to achieving high quality in AI applications.

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