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Praxis Empowers Digital Learning with Applai Chat

Praxis Empowers Digital Learning with Applai Chat

Praxis, part of the esteemed Lindhardt and Ringhof Uddannelse and under the wider umbrella of Egmont, is a Danish publishing company that pioneers digital teaching materials for students across all secondary levels. Through praxisOnline, students can seamlessly access digital renditions of these educational resources. 

Morten Blichfeldt Andersen, Publishing Director at Praxis

The Challenge:

Praxis always strives for innovation. One such pursuit was finding novel ways for students to engage with their digital books. The challenge? Students can find it cumbersome to search and interact within digital content. AI is a huge topic within educational institutions and schools, so the need for a worked-through solution for students to interact with artificial intelligence was needed.

“As a pilot we have implemented the Applai chat in some of our materials so that students can chat with their content. One of the main pains for students is to interact and search in digital content - we hope that this service will be a new way of interacting with teaching and learning material.” Morten Blichfeldt Andersen, Publishing Director at Praxis.

Solution Brought to Life:

While exploring AI solutions, Praxis discovered Applai and its potent product – Applai Chat. This AI chatbot, embedded as a widget on a website - or in this case within digital books - derives answers directly from the book's content. Not only does it direct students to relevant pages and sources, but it also ensures that the answers remain within the confines of the book’s content.

“It’s been a really easy process getting started with Applai Chat and integrating the chat into our digital materials,” Morten said, emphasizing how Applai catered to Praxis' unique requirements. “Together with Applai, we found a really good balance in how the chatbot answers the questions from the students.”

(Video in Danish showcasing Applai Chat in Praxis)

With Applai Chat, students now have the luxury of instantaneous answers, without the wait to consult teachers. This innovation has revamped the user experience of Praxis’s digital books. This also means that students get answers specifically to their questions, and that they can get answers in their own language, if the book is not available in their first language. Applai Chat makes the content available in more than 100 languages.

Applai Chat's magic lies in its interactive interface, as reflected in Morten's words:

“Applai Chat is helping us improve our user experience and giving the readers of our digital books a new and exciting way to interact with knowledge and online learning.” He further added, “Using Applai Chat instead of building our own AI solution has enabled us to get going with AI in our products quickly.”
Screenshot of Applai Chat in a digital book from Praxis

With the successful first implementation of Applai Chat, Praxis is contemplating its integration into more books. Offering a piece of advice to businesses looking for a similar transformative experience, Morten stated, “I recommend using Applai if you are looking for a way to get going with generative AI with a customized solution.”

Intrigued by the impact of Applai Chat for Praxis? Reach out to Applai for your tailored AI-powered chatbot or explore other opportunities for implementing AI in your business with us.

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