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Celebrating Applai’s First Year: A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

Celebrating Applai’s First Year: A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

Hey everyone 👋

Last week, we celebrated a huge milestone – Applai’s first anniversary! As we look back on an incredible year, we’re excited to share some of the key highlights and achievements that have defined our journey. Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to.

Writing a book with AI 

Applai started out as a side project - like many startups do. One of our founders, Victor, found himself working one different software projects, when the publishing firm Praxis reach out to him. They wanted to see if an entire educational book about finance could be written using generative AI. It couldn't. Atleast not to begin with in early 2022. But later that year a new solution emerged from a US company called OpenAI. ChatGPT was born and with it endless possibilites. Victor finished the book using ChatGPT, but the mindblowing experience stuck with him. This technology could be used in so many different use cases, and he wanted to empower business to use it. He started hacking a demo together, contacted some former colleagues to see if they would help build an MVP, and so, Applai was born.  

Knowledge Sharing and Community Engagement

From the begining Applai has been community-led. Meaning our users and community as a whole, has driven the development and improvements of our platform. We have many examples of this, among others, the month of October in 2023 was packed with courses and knowledge sharing sessions. Victor led a course in Køge, engaging with local business professionals and exploring AI's potential in their operations. And the same month, we had an inspiring learning day at Gl. Brydegaard. The team delved into leveraging ChatGPT and AI for daily tasks, like writing email newsletters and creating new restaurant menus using GPT-4V.

Innovations and Customer Engagements

As we moved towards the end of October, we introduced some exciting updates. We unveiled new branding for our platform and launched the "Rules" feature, allowing users to set up custom rules for Applai Chat. On October 29, we took you behind the scenes, showing how we improved loading times to ensure a smoother user experience. 

Reimagining Customer Support

On November 5, we shared insights into Advanced Data Analysis using ChatGPT. We also introduced our AI-first support chatbot, which combines stellar customer service with the efficiency of AI. This chatbot learns from interactions, making it a smarter, more effective support tool over time.

Expanding Horizons in Greenland

One of the highlights of 2023 was our collaboration with Inova, a Greenland-based consultancy. On November 12, we kicked off our partnership with Inova by delivering AI courses for businesses and public authorities in Greenland. These courses, conducted with INUVA, covered everything from AI definitions to practical case work. The warm reception and high engagement from participants made this experience unforgettable.

On November 19, we continued our Greenland adventure with Inuva, facilitating workshops and learning programs about AI. The lively debates and the stunning Greenlandic landscape made it a truly memorable trip.

Collaborating with EPO

In late November, we teamed up with EPO to revolutionize presentation skills using advanced technology. This project, led by Victor, focuses on innovative methods for presentation design and delivery. Our work with EPO underscores our commitment to enhancing everyday skills with cutting-edge tech.

Praxis Partnership: Elevating AI in Education

On November 26, we announced our extended collaboration with Praxis, part of the Egmont Group. We developed a chatbot integrated into Praxis’ commercial subject webBooks, aiming to provide equal access to learning for all students. This initiative aligns with Egmont Group's goal to ensure all young people complete a youth education by 2030. Our chatbot is the first AI solution launched by a Danish publisher, marking a significant step in AI-driven education.

Launching "AI i gymnasiet"

On December 6, we took a major step in AI education with the release of "AI i gymnasiet" (AI in High School). Authored by researcher Sine Zambach and published by Praxis Forlag, this book makes AI accessible to high school students by exploring practical approaches and fundamental concepts. Our chatbot solution, featured in the book, highlights our commitment to advancing AI knowledge and application. 

Starting 2024 with customers in focus

The begining of the new year, had one focus above all: going live with new customers. Our customer portfolio had expanded and now included brands like Visma e-conomic, CELF, Learningbank, Son of a Tailor, Praxis, KHS, SBT, Secteer and more. With the big launch of Visma's support chatbot, we empowered their support team of +70 employees to service their +200.000 business customers. And with the launch of CELF's custom chatbot, we gave more than 200 teachers new ways to teach. 

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate our first anniversary, we’re filled with excitement for the future. Our journey has been marked by innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to making AI practical and impactful. We’re grateful for the support of our partners, clients, and team members and look forward to many more years of success and growth.

Here’s to the next chapter in Applai’s journey!

Christian, Victor & Mathias

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