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Benefits of AI for Smaller Engineering Companies

Benefits of AI for Smaller Engineering Companies

How can smaller engineering companies benefit from AI?

This question was the starting point for a presentation we did recently for Aconsil, a small Danish engineering company.

Engineering companies can benefit greatly from AI tools like ChatGPT. During our presentation for Aconsil, we explored various ways in which ChatGPT could be used as a tool for inspiration and analysis. One particularly interesting example was ChatGPT's ability to compare two hypothetical subcontractors on selected parameters and even present the result in a table format. However, we quickly discovered that the possibilities were endless when it came to what parameters could be compared.

Another use case for ChatGPT is its ability to transform messy notes into a summary of a meeting or potential draft for decision-making. It can even provide additional support for answering critical questions by taking a stance on a particular idea or proposal.

One of the key to getting good answers from tools like ChatGPT or DocsGPT is by writing good prompts (the short messages you provide to ChatGPT). The more precise and refined your request, the better ChatGPT's responses will be. And while AI tools like ChatGPT can provide valuable insights, it's important to always use common sense and critical thinking skills.

Ultimately, ChatGPT is among many powerful and versatile AI tools that can unlock new possibilities for engineering companies looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Do you feel that you are utilising AI in your work? In Applai, we help companies get started with using AI in their daily work. Contact us if you want to hear more.

You can read more about what Aconsil think about the presentation here.

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