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AI Unhyped: OpenAI DevDay, AI in education, where's Apple?

AI Unhyped: OpenAI DevDay, AI in education, where's Apple?

Hello there! 👋 Mathias here from Applai, bringing you the latest scoop on all things AI for October 30, 2023. In just about two minutes, you’ll be caught up on the OpenAI DevDay, the transformative role of AI in high school education, the mysterious silence from Apple in the generative AI arena, and the newest updates from us at Applai. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

The first OpenAI DevDay is coming up

What can we expect and why should you stream the keynote?

OpenAI DevDay, scheduled for November 6, 2023, in San Francisco, is OpenAI's inaugural developer conference aimed at fostering interaction between developers from across the globe and the OpenAI team.

Streaming the keynote of OpenAI DevDay on November 6, 2023, is a golden opportunity for developers and tech enthusiasts worldwide to get a glimpse of the forefront of AI technology. By live-streaming the keynote, you'll gain early insights into the new AI tools and technologies that OpenAI is unveiling, directly from the experts who crafted them.

We expect to hear more about some of the latest features of ChatGPT, like GPT-4V, voice input / output and the roadmap for their API to enable developers to build on their technology.

👉 Stream OpenAI DevDay.

AI in High Schools: Transforming Education

Education is on the cusp of a major transformation, and AI is at the forefront of this change. "AI i Gymnasiet," a new book, delves into how high schools can leverage AI to revolutionize teaching materials. The best part? The first chapters are available for free, and they come with two informative videos featuring Victor and Applai Chat. Get ready to explore the future of education!

👉 Read the first chapters here: AI i Gymnasiet

Apple’s Mysterious Absence in the Generative AI Space

While Amazon, Google, Meta, and Microsoft are making strides in generative AI, Apple seems to be maintaining a wall of silence. Of course they have Siri, but the quality of the new generative AI solutions, far outplay the early innovation that Siri was.

Are they developing their own language model, or do they have something else up their sleeve? Maybe we will learn more later today (30 October 2023) when Apple host their latest event at 5 p.m. PT

👉 Stream Apple's event

👉 Stay in the loop: Amazon's Investment in Anthropic AI

Latest Applai news

Knowledge Sharing with Victor Skytte

Our own Victor Skytte made a return to Gl. Brydegaard last week, sparking inspiration and knowledge sharing. The team dove deep into AI applications for operational tasks and encourages others to share their ChatGPT use cases.

👉 Dive deeper: Victor’s Session at Gl. Brydegaard

A New Era of Loading Times

The days of the spinning loading circle are officially over. We’re taking you behind the scenes, showing you exactly what happens from the moment you ask a question to the moment you get your answer. And yes, we’ve made sure that you get those answers faster than ever before. Get ready for a smoother, snappier experience!

👉 See all features here.

Your Thoughts Matter

That’s a wrap for this edition of AI unhyped! We’d love to hear what you think, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line at And if you’ve stumbled upon something amazing that you think should be featured in our next edition, let us know!

Don’t keep the AI goodness to yourself – spread the word and share AI unhyped with your network. Here’s the sign-up link to share the love: Subscribe to AI unhyped

Stay curious, and see you next time!


Mathias Villads ✌️

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