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AI unhyped: All you need to know about OpenAI DevDay 2023

AI unhyped: All you need to know about OpenAI DevDay 2023

AI unhyped

Hi 👋  it's Mathias from Applai. Here's what you need to know for 13 November, 2023 in 3 minutes and 41 seconds. In this edition, we'll cover:

  • Highlights from OpenAI's DevDay
  • News from Applai

When you have read this blog post, you will know more about GPT-4 Turbo with Vision, GPTs, DALL·E and Text-to-Speech API launch, and on top of that you'll know what we are up to for the moment in Applai. Let's dive in!

GPT-4 Turbo: more context and with Vision

Images speak louder than words

Introducing the groundbreaking GPT-4 Turbo, now capable of processing images. This feature, available via the gpt-4-vision-preview in the API, opens up new possibilities like detailed image analysis and generating captions. It's already making a real-world impact, aiding people with visual impairments through applications like BeMyEyes.

GPT-4 Turbo with 128K Context

The advanced version of GPT-4 has a 128k context window, allowing for over 300 pages of text in a single prompt. This model is updated with knowledge up to April 2023 and is more cost-effective, offering input tokens at a 3x lower price and output tokens at a 2x lower price. Developers can access it via the API using gpt-4-1106-preview, with a stable version expected soon.

Keep on reading 👉  OpenAI

Introducing GPTs

Customizable AI for Everyone

OpenAI unveiled GPTs, allowing anyone to create custom versions of ChatGPT for specific tasks or needs without coding. Users can customize these AI tools for personal, company, or public use, enhancing their daily life and work efficiency. Example GPTs are already available for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users​.

OpenAI emphasizes the role of the community in developing innovative GPTs. These user-generated AI tools can cater to a wide range of purposes, from education to personal assistance, showcasing the potential of communal creativity in AI development.

The upcoming GPT Store will feature GPTs created by verified builders, allowing users to search, use, and rank these AI tools. This platform will highlight notable GPTs in various categories, and creators will have the opportunity to monetize based on usage.

OpenAI has prioritized privacy and safety in the design of GPTs. User data control is maintained, and new systems have been implemented to ensure GPTs align with usage policies, preventing the spread of harmful content.

Keep on reading 👉 OpenAI

DALL·E 3 API and text to speech

Create images in your app or on your website

DALL·E 3 is now accessible for developers through the Images API, enabling integration into various applications and products. This technology has been utilized by major companies like Snap, Coca-Cola, and Shutterstock for automated image and design generation. The API includes built-in moderation features, with pricing starting at $0.04 per image.

Next-Level AI Voices with Text-to-Speech API

OpenAI's new Text-to-Speech (TTS) API transforms text into human-quality speech. It offers six preset voices and two model variants optimized for real-time use and quality. The pricing for this service begins at $0.015 per 1,000 input characters.

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Latest news from Applai…

Last week was packed with events and customer meetings. We feel very fortunate that so many reach out to us and invite us to their team camps and leadership meetings for sparring on AI. Besides the energy it gives us when we are out meeting clients, there is one other benefit (see image below).

But last week was not only about workshops and presentations. Our product also got an overhaul when we added new branding to our platform 💚 We love the green and we are also happy to share our new "Rules" feature is live - meaning you can now set up custom rules for your Applai Chat ✨

Sharing and Feedback

That was all from this edition of AI unhyped. How did we do? Reach out to if you have any feedback. And if there's any news you believe deserved a spot in this blog post, but didn't get one, we'd love to hear about it!
And we are of course also very happy if you help us spread the word. So please share our AI unhyped newsletter with your colleagues and friends. Share this sign up link with them 💌

Stay unhyped,
Mathias Villads ✌️

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